Sharon Leyes

Registered Reflexologist and Energy Therapist

About Reflexology
Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is based on the theory that each body part is represented on the hands and feet. Thesezones and reflexes correspond to and are relative to all parts, glands and organs of the entire body. Focused pressure applied to the foot brings relaxation and therapeutic healing to the corresponding area of the body.
Massaging or applying pressure on each area can stimulate the flow of energy, blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses to the corresponding body zone and assist in relieving ailment in that zone.  When the reflexes are stimulated, the body's natural electrical energy works along the nervous system to clear any blockages in the corresponding zones.  Also, reflexology complements all other healing modalities.
What happens when I go for my treatment?

Reflexology: 60 min $50,

30 minutes                                                                            $25

Mixed 10/50 (10 min. on back with 50 min. reflexology)      $50

Mixed 20/40 (20 min. on back, shoulders, head

with 40 min. reflexology)                                                      $50

Back work (back, shoulders, neck, head) 30 min.               $40

Indian Head Massage: 40 min                                             $50


**Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours notice so that a $20 cancellation fee need not apply.

On the first visit, the reflexology practitioner will have a preliminary talk with you to determine your present and past health and lifestyle.   
The reflexologist will then use their hands to apply pressure to the feet. The application and the effect of the therapy is unique to each person.   
A professionally trained reflexologist can detect subtle changes in specific points on the feet, and by working on these points may affect the corresponding organ or system of the body. 

9:30 - 5:00

9:30 - 5:00

9:30 - 5:00

9:30 - 5:00

9:30 - 5:00

9:30 - 3:00


1249 London Road.

Sarnia, ON

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