Extremely Concentrated Pre-Workout

WMD is a fully dosed pre-workout developed for the modern athlete wanting to take their workouts to the next level. WMD contains the perfect combination and balance of stimulants to increase energy, vasodilating ingredients to stimulate blood flow and induce crazy pumps, and lactic acid buffers to delay muscle fatigue and improve overall performance.

This no-filler single micro-dosed pre-workout is packed with everything you need to have some of the best workouts of your life, and with a fully disclosed supplement fact panel you know exactly what you’re getting in each scoop. No proprietary blends in this formula, or any Ballistic Labs formula!

Ballistic Labs WMD Peach Mango

  • Citrulline (as Citrulline Malate 2:1) 3000mg

    Beta Alanine 2000mg

    Agmatine 500mg

    Arginine 500mg

    Taurine 400mg

    Caffeine Anhydrous 400mg

    Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 150mg

    Theanine 100mg

    Bitter Orange (30% Symephrine) 50mg

    Niacin 25mg

  • Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Oxide, Dextrose

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