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Live Blood Cell Technician

Joanne Fearns

Joanne Fearns has been active in the Holistic Field for the last 12 years;10 of them have been at Bluewater Nutrition. Both as a staff, floor manager, and now Live Cell Technician, who is currently enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to get her certification as a Holistic Nutritionist.- she is able to offer her clients education from her studies and years of experience. She has also been a guest host on CHOK "Ask the Expert" on Saturdays.

Live Blood Cell Analysis is a highly interactive test that is used to see indicators and underling issues that may be affecting your health. This test is for everyone and is a new way to put you (and your health) into focus. You can see her as a practitioner or utilize this test with the Practitioner that you are working with to best support your health journey.
With a her passion for health, she will offer her clients ways to ensure continued success that is both attainable and sustainable.