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    Child and Youth Care (CYC) practice focuses on the developmental needs of young people and families, involving relationship building and emphasizing a strengths-based approach. In essence, this means working with a young person or family to meet their unique goals while reinforcing the things they do well. When it comes to integrating nutrition, here is a potential scenario:


     Suzy, who is 6 years old, will NOT eat her vegetables. She is strong-willed, very smart and likes to take initiative. Instead of penalizing Suzy for not eating her vegetables and “forcing” her to eat them by using negative consequences, we would help to shift her behavior by focusing on her strengths. For example, we would appreciate Suzy’s interest in doing things for herself by giving her a small scavenger hunt taking place in the produce section; her challenge at the end would be to use as many colours of the rainbow possible to help mom/dad make her lunch! Instead of feeling pressured to make changes, Suzy will now feel motivated to take initiative and try new things.


    CYC practitioners approach situations taking into considering where the young person/family are currently at without forcing expectation; CYC practitioners believe in young people and value them as agents of their own changes, celebrating every step on the road to success. Eryn Darling, R.H.N., CYC combines this skillset with her Registered Holistic Nutritionist background to help young people create lasting and powerful nutritional shifts.

Eryn Darling

Certified Live Cell Microscopist, 

Registered Holistic Nutritionist R.H.N., 

Child & Youth Practitioner

About Eryn

   Eryn Darling, R.H.N., grew up in Toronto and moved to Sarnia to become a Child and Youth Care Practitioner (CYC). As a CYC, Eryn specializes in identifying the strengths of young people and creating youth-driven wellness plans, using a trauma-informed and emotionally intelligent lens.


      After enjoying working in the field of community and social services for a short period of time, she went on to follow her lifelong passion of health and wellness by becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.). As an R.H.N., Eryn specializes in recognizing nutritional imbalances and helping clients to meet personal wellness goals through making dietary, supplemental and lifestyle suggestions.

      Eryn’s areas of expertise include child, youth and family health. Eryn encourages young people to be actively involved in creating wellness by including them in every step of their personal health journeys. 

Live Cell Microscopy 

    Eryn is a trained Live Blood Cell Microscopist as well.  This adds clinical depth to her practice. Through this method, Eryn is able to identify specific health disruptions that may be preventing clients from achieving optimal health; such disruptions include nutrient imbalances and exposures to various environmental toxins.


    Pairing Live Blood Cell Microscopy with her background as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Eryn is able to get a much closer look at your overall health picture and identify the root cause of various symptomatologies. Eryn uses your detailed live cell report as a valuable tool to create individualized wellness plans.

Guidelines for Assessment 

Fast for 3 hours prior to your appointment. 


No: food, gum, mints or candies and avoid brushing your teeth, smoking, drinking coffee or any other beverages. 


If you are able to refrain from taking supplements, that is also advisable.  The only exception would be for prescriptions, in which case, we advise making your appointment appropriately timed at least 3 hours after you have taken your medication.


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